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Innovators in cryogenic dewars and transfer equipment

LN2 Storage Dewars
LN2 Refrigerator Dewars
Nitrogen Vapor Shipping Vessels
Inventory Racking Systems (Director Series)
LHe Transport / Storage Containers
Transfer Lines / Stingers

International Cryogenics has the experience to design and manufacture high quality cryogenic equipment for research, laboratory, medical and industry. We specialize in meeting the end users’ requirements. Manufacturing capabilities include, but are not limited to, liquid nitrogen laboratory storage dewars, cryobiological containers for life science and agricultural applications, non-magnetic liquid helium storage containers, N2 detector dewars, IR dewars, liquid helium or liquid nitrogen cryostats for research and magnet applications as well as many designs of high efficient liquid helium and liquid nitrogen transfer lines. Since our beginning in 1980, International Cryogenics has offered excellence in design along with creative, new ideas to meet the expectations of the world’s cryogenic transfer and storage needs.

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